Officers & Committees

2023 – 2024 Officers

  • President – Greg Ward
  • Vice President – Chip Blake
  • Secretary – Kateri Kosek
  • Treasurer – John Felton
  • Communications Officer – Audrey Werner

Executive Committee
Members At Large

  • Gael Hurley
  • Jean Jew
  • Matt Kelly

Club Committees

  • Speakers and Programs – Matt Kelly
  • HBC eNews and HBIRRD Rare Bird Alert Notices – Audrey Werner
  • Field Trip Coordination – Jean Jew, Audrey Werner and Steven Miller
  • Records Committee – Jonathan Pierce
  • Central County Christmas Bird Count – Holly Higinbotham
  • South County Christmas Bird Count – Rene Wendell
  • Century Run – Zach Adams
  • Bartlett Hendricks Memorial Waterfowl Census – Tom Tyning
  • Northwest Connecticut Waterfowl Census – Rene Wendell
  • Annual Banquet – Open
  • Refreshment Coordination – Ginny Akabane
  • Publicity – Clellie Lynch
  • Nominating – Open
  • Webmaster – Steven Miller
  • Facebook – Gael Hurley and Audrey Werner – we welcome participation

Past HBC Presidents

2023Greg Ward1995David St. James1967Mrs. Thomas E. Purdy
2022Greg Ward1994David St. James1966Charles E. Bybee
2021Rene Wendell1993Tom Collins1965Charles E. Bybee
2020Rene Wendell1992Tom Collins1964John Ferree
2019Tom Tyning1991Norma Purdy1963Miss Marilyn Flor
2018Tom Tyning1990Timothy Flanagan1962Alvah W. Sanborn
2017Jonathan Pierce1989Rene Laubach1961Alvah W. Sanborn
2016Jonathan Pierce1988Rene Laubach1960Bartlett Hendricks
2015Ed Neumuth1987Dr. Edwin Neumuth1959Bartlett Hendricks
2014Ed Neumuth1986Dr. Edwin Neumuth1958Chandler Vincent, Sr.
2013Ed Neumuth1985Mr. Lawrence M. Porter1957Chandler Vincent, Sr.
2012Audrey Werner1984Mr. Lawrence M. Porter1956Alvah W. Sanborn
2011Matt Kelly1983Mr. Gary Shampang1955Miss Edna L. Dunbar
2010Carrie Jones1982Mr. Gary Shampang1954
2009Carrie Jones1981Mr. Gary Shampang1953A.W. Sanborn
2008Matt Kelly1980Miss Edna L. Dunbar1952Mrs. D. Kitchen
2007Matt Kelly1979Mr. John A. Davis1951B. Hendricks
2006Matt Kelly1978Mr. John A. Davis1950Alvah Sanborn
2005Gary Soucie1977Mr. Thomas Collins1949E. J. Fitz
2004Kate Ryan1976Mr. Thomas Collins1948L. E. Sweitzer
2003Kate Ryan1975Mr. Charles Kieweg1947Frances Gillotti
2002Noreen Mole1974Mr. Charles Kieweg1946Joseph Wilk
2001Noreen Mole1973Mr. Albert Schwab1945Mrs. C. Uhrig
2000Ed Neumuth1972Mr. Albert Schwab1944Lloyd Heidgard
1999Audrey Werner1971Mr. Albert Schwab1943O.P. McCarty
1998Audrey Werner1970Mr. Albert Schwab1942Mrs. R. Derby
1997Linda Brazeau1969Mrs. Thomas E. Purdy (Norma)1941S.W. Bailey
1996Tom Tyning1968Mrs. Thomas E. Purdy1940G.B. Hendricks

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