For the 2020 – 2021 Season… 

Please note that we have changed our events due to the coronavirus guidelines. 

Please feel free to reach out to trip leaders, officers or any member of the

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Due to the coronavirus, monthly meetings will be conducted online.

Notifications will be sent via the HBC eNews to all members.  Please feel free to share the link with anyone interested in joining us.  As usual, our meetings are FREE and OPEN to everyone interested in birds.

September – Monday 9/14/20 Monthly Meeting  6:00 PM

HBC Member, Dan Shustack, PhD

Professor, Environmental Studies

Mass College of Liberal Arts

“Natural History of Juncos in the Berkshires”

Virtual Meeting


Dan will share his information on his present studies of the habits of the Darkeyed Junco.

Dan holds a PhD, and is Associate Professor, Environmental Studies at Mass College of Liberal Arts.


“I am researching the overwintering and movement ecology of Slate-colored Juncos in the Berkshires. In particular, we are trying to unravel the seasonal

movements and breeding locations of juncos that overwinter in the Berkshires. During each season, we mist net or trap the 

juncos, band them, and monitor their movements and returns. As part of the junco project, we are also collaborating with one of MCLA’s microbiologists, Dr. George Hamaoui, to examine the plumage microbiota of migratory and overwintering juncos.”



October – Monday 10/5/20  Monthly Meeting   6:00PM

Mark Thorne, HBC Member

“Red-tailed Hawk Monitoring on South Mountain”

Virtual Meeting


Mark Thorne, HBC member since 1991, will give a photo presentation on this year’s observation of a Red-Tailed Hawk nest on South Mountain, Pittsfield.  Mark and his wife Mary audited a course taught by fellow HBC member Dick Ferren at BCC in 1991, and have been avid birders ever since.  For this presentation he follows the search and discovery of the nest, incubation period, hatching and fledging of two chicks.  Many hours of observation went into this project, and hopes everyone will enjoy the images and behavior observations he captured.  Mark is  well-known for his stunning photography.


November – Monday 11/2/20  Monthly Meeting   6:00PM

Katie Fallon, Avian Author

“Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird”

Virtual Meeting


Katie Fallon hails from West Virginia, and is the author of Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird. Vultures are often overlooked, underappreciated, and unloved, despite the vital role they play healthy ecosystems. Worldwide, vultures are more likely to be threatened or endangered than any other group of raptor, but in the United States Turkey and Black Vultures may be increasing in number. Based on Katie Fallon’s recent book, this fun presentation will discuss the life and times of the noble Turkey Vulture, including its feeding, nesting, and roosting habits, migratory behaviors, and common misconceptions.


Katie Fallon is the author of the nonfiction books Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird (2017, reissued 2020) and Cerulean Blues: A Personal Search for a Vanishing Songbird (2011), which was a Finalist for the Reed

Award for Outstanding Writing on the Southern Environment. Katie is also the author of two books for children. Her essays and articles have appeared in a variety of journals and magazines, and she has taught creative writing at Virginia Tech and West Virginia University as well as in the low-residency MFA programs at Chatham University and West Virginia Wesleyan College. She is a founder of the nonprofit Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia and has served as President of the Mountaineer Chapter of the National Audubon Society. Her first word was “bird.” For more:


December – Monday 12/7/20  Monthly Meeting  6:00PM

“HBC Member’s Night”

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Virtual Meeting


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The Hoffmann Bird Club is Berkshire County’s premier ornithological organization.  It was established in 1940 with a mission of promoting the study of birds in the county. The club was founded under the auspices of the Berkshire Museum and was named in honor of Ralph Hoffmann, a naturalist born in Berkshire county.

Meetings are held from September through May and are open at no charge to anyone interested in birds and bird study. Membership in Hoffmann Bird Club is open to anyone interested in birds and bird study. Membership runs from September through the following August.  If you join after April 1,  your membership is extended through the following year.

Field trips are led by experienced birders, and everyone, including beginners, is welcome.  Field trips offer an excellent opportunity to explore first hand the bountiful nature and natural history of the Berkshire region.

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