Ethics and Inclusion

The Hoffmann Bird Club is committed to creating a respectful, ethical, and thoughtful birding community. This includes creating a birding community that is inclusive, supportive, and safe for everyone, regardless of sex or gender identity, race, religion, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, political persuasion, or social/economic status. Abuse, discrimination, or harassment of any form is not tolerated. Any Hoffmann Bird Club member or trip participant who has experienced or witnessed behavior contrary to these objectives is encouraged to notify a Hoffmann Bird Club officer, or to write to

These resources may be helpful to anyone who aspires to create a safe and welcoming birding environment:

American Birding Association – Code of Ethics

Feminist Bird Club – Birding Code of Conduct

Birdability – Access for Everyone

Drew Lanham – Birding While Black

The Murmuration Project

Young Birders Network

Massachusetts Young Birders Club