HBC Club Information

Hoffmann Bird Club Officers and Committees

Click here for a list of names and full contact info for all trip leaders, committee chairs, and the Executive Committee.

2022–2023 Officers

President – Greg Ward
Vice President – Chip Blake
Secretary – Kateri Kosek
Treasurer – John Felton

Executive Committee Members At Large   

Sonya Auer

Gael Hurley

Matt Kelly

Rene Wendell

Audrey Werner

Club Committees

Speakers and Programs – Matt Kelly

HBC eNews and HBIRRD Rare Bird Alert Notices – Audrey Werner

Field Trip Coordination – Greg Ward, Chip Blake and Audrey Werner

Central County Christmas Bird Count – Holly Higinbotham

South County Christmas Bird Count – Rene Wendell

Century Run – Zach Adams

Bartlett Hendricks Memorial Waterfowl Census – Tom Tyning

Northwest Connecticut Waterfowl Census – Rene Wendell and Kate Ryan

Annual Banquet – Open

Refreshment Coordination – Pauline Banducci

Publicity – Clellie Lynch

Nominating – Sonya Auer

Webmaster – Jennifer Ceolinski

Facebook – Gael Hurley and Audrey Werner

Membership in the Hoffmann Bird Club is open to anyone interested in birds and bird study. Annual dues are $15 per person, $20 per family, and $5 per student (any level).  Join us!