HBC Club Information

Hoffmann Bird Club Officers and Committees

2019–2020 Officers

President – Tom Tyning
Vice President – Rene Wendell
Secretary – Laura Saldarini
Treasurer – Ginny Akabane 

Other Executive Committee Members

Jonathan Pierce
Matt Kelly
Audrey Werner
Gael Hurley

Club Committees

Annual Banquet – Tom Tyning
Century Run – Jonathan Pierce
Central CBC – Holly Higinbotham
Field Trips — Gael Hurley
Hospitality – Tom Begley
Nominating — Noreen Mole
PublicityClellie Lynch
Refreshments – Pauline Banducci
Speakers/Programs – Matt Kelly 

HBIRRDOur rare bird alert system
Audrey Werner 
Ed Lewis 

Bird sightings that are unusual or interesting should be reported to the club to keep members informed. Post this information on our Facebook page and/or email the club at:

Membership in the Hoffmann Bird Club is open to anyone interested in birds and bird study. Annual dues are $15 per person, $20 per family, and $5 per student (any level). Contact the treasurer for more information

HBC eNews

HBC eNews is a digital newsletter in the form of an email sent to current members of the club with information that members which to share, bird sightings, and any changes in field trips. You can sign up for HBC eNews via the Hoffmann Bird Club Membership form.