Birding Spots in Berkshire County

Northern Flicker by Lynne Harding, American Goldfinches by Steven Miller, Cedar Waxwing by John Felton

Looking for a new place to explore? This map represents some of the many great birding spots within Berkshire County. Access and availability of these areas are subject to change. Many marked areas are not official parks and trails, and caution should be used when entering or accessing areas. Watch for cars on roadways and wear bright colors or safety vests when exploring wooded areas, particularly during posted hunting seasons.

Do not enter marked areas of private property without express permission of the owner. Visit our ethics and inclusion page for more information about private property and visiting these listed spaces with respect and responsibility. Hoffmann Bird Club is not responsible or liable for injury or other consequences as a result of visiting these mapped locations.

In addition to the spots marked below, check out eBird and Bird Observer’s The Murmuration list for additional birding locations in our area.

Click the upper left corner of the map below to filter by region, click the upper right corner to expand the map to full screen.

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