John Felton and Marty Gottron Photo and Quilt Exhibition

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This October, HBC club members and the public have a fantastic opportunity to explore a photograph and quilt exhibition that showcases the works of two talented artists (and club members), John Felton and Marty Gottron. John’s stunning photos and Marty’s intricate quilts will leave visitors in awe.

Steven Miller recently visited the exhibition and created this preview video.

John’s photos capture the beauty and essence of birds in their natural habitat. Every photo shows his keen eye for detail and patience in waiting for the perfect shot. John’s photos will transport you to a world of wonder around Berkshire County and beyond, from majestic owls to tiny warblers. Marty’s quilts are intricate and detailed works of art inspired directly by John’s photos. These quilts include an American Flamingo, a Green Heron, a Wood Duck, and a Marbled Godwit. These pieces are a testament to her skill and dedication to the craft.

Visitors will be able to see a wide variety of photos and quilts on display, each telling their own story. Together, the photos and quilts create a beautiful and harmonious exhibition that celebrates the beauty of birds and nature and highlights the need for increased conservation.

Here’s what John and Marty had to say about their exhibition:

Bird Photos by John Felton

A retired journalist living in Lee, John has been an active birder for the past seven years.  He’s now using his life-long interest in photography to document the birds he sees, both here in the Berkshires and during travels around the United States and overseas with his wife, Marty Gottron.  These photos represent just a few dozen of the thousands of bird photographs he has taken in recent years.

John wants his photographs to stimulate public interest in birds —and in public and private actions to promote bird conservation. He hopes that when people become more aware of the beautiful birds around them, they will become more interested in helping protect them.

Please read the accompanying sign: Birds Need Our Help.

Bird Quilts by Marty Gottron

Marty has been quilting since she was a teenager. When John started photographing the birds they were seeing, she decided to try to turn some of his photos into quilted wall pictures. 

Quilting the birds is a challenging process, one that is rewarding when it “works.” And it almost certainly guarantees that she will recognize them the next time she sees them in the wild.

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a fan of photography, or appreciate art, this exhibition is not to be missed.

Here is an example of John’s photo of a Marbled Godwit at Fort DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Marty’s interpretation of it:

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