Gary Shampang’s Owl Story

Past HBC president Gary Shampang attended the Common Nighthawk Watch in Pittsfield this past September, where all past presidents were celebrated in an event organized by Jean Jew.  Here’s one of Gary’s stories:

When he was a lad, someone found a Barred Owl with an injured wing in his neighborhood.  Gary had lots of animals he kept at home, so it was brought to him. He nursed it back to health with help from his Dad. They decided they could probably fix his wing. So they splintered it up, and the owl walked around like a penguin for a while! Eventually, the wing bones healed, and the owl was able to fly.

They released it far from the house, but by the time they got back to the house, the owl was waiting on a perch in the front yard! Later, they heard another Barred Owl calling nearby, so they released the owl and he stayed in the wild!!

Here’s a poem that Gary composed:

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