Norma Purdy Interview

Norma Purdy, at 97 ½ years old, is our club’s member with the longest attendance in our club.   As a special treat, she spoke about the early birding years with the Hoffmann Bird Club after our potluck. Jean Jew recorded Norma Purdy, and you can view the 20-minute interview below.

Chapters are marked on the video, but time stamps to specific clips are below.

00:00 Origins of HBC
01:05 How Norma Started Birding
04:40 Bart Hendricks
05:39 Berkshire Museum
06:49 Norma’s police encounter
07:33 The sewer beds
08:49 Norma’s travels
10:38 Car trouble
11:38 Arrowhead
12:45 Volunteering
13:50 Always learning
14:40 Roger Tory Peterson
15:23 Birds then and now
16:08 Keeping the binoculars handy
16:37 A Brown Thrasher
17:12 Norma’s favorite bird
18:19 Driving in the Berkshires
18:48 Silver Lake

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